Yet another headless CD-Ripper and MPD on Raspberry Pi installation guide (YAHCDRAMORPIG)


Well, mpd is one of my favorite programs on linux I have ever come across. In this post I want to let you know how I made mpd running on my raspberry. And I wrote it down because I may forget some facts about how to do it that I may need later on…


To understand what I am doing you need to understand my objectives. I want a computer somewhere hidden in my living room that plays my music collection (mostly CDs, some MP3) from an USB drive. It should also be possible to automatically rip CDs and store it to the collection. Audio should be outputted through HDMI.

  1. Audio through HDMI
  2. Auto mount USB pen drives, hard disks etc.
  3. USB devices to play music (FLAC, MP3) from
  4. Rip music from USB CDROM device and store it to USB device

Let’s do step by step.

Next step.

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